Best Reusable Earplugs 2020

What's better than throwing away earplugs every day and wasting money? Getting a high-quality pair at an affordable price which you can reuse over and over for years.

If you're wondering why these earplugs may not have popped up on an earlier search, understand that Inno Royal DELUXE Noise Reduction Earplugs was released in May 2020. These deluxe were designed to provide high-quality noise filters at an affordable price.

History Behind the Idea:

"I am a very lite sleeper and used to wear my music playing headphones when I needed to block out unwanted noise. The problem with these headphones was that they were hard to sleep with due to the bulkiness" stated Founder of Inno Royal. "I also found myself at a lot of music venues (coming from a family of musicians) and found comfort in wearing earplugs at those events".


It is virtually impossible to have one design of earplugs to cover ALL of your earplug needs. The same noise cancellation needed for sleeping will not be the same noise cancellation needed for attending a ball game. Hence the creation of Inno Royal's Deluxe. Inno Royal provides customers with an "Indoor Set" which provides the maximum cancellation of noise ideal for sleep. The second pair, "Outdoor Set", is ideal for concerts, swimming, motorcycle riding, sporting events, etc.

The Outdoor Set is designed to allow people to still hear words clearly while reducing the background noise level. Of course the Indoor Set may be more desirable for activities such as shooting practice to cancel the maximum amount of noise.

Another problem with most earplugs is they aren't there when you need them. Inno Royal's black aluminum case is to help keep earplugs clean but also to keep earplugs available on-hand whenever you may need them.

Inno Royal prides itself on being an affordable top choice. Unlike some earplug brands, Inno Royal provides customers with 2 pairs of earplugs for the price of 1. No longer will you have to buy a set for sleeping and a set for other activities. You can now handle all your earplugs needs with one purchase for the first time.

To learn more about Inno Royal's Deluxe Noise Reduction Earplugs click HERE.


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