Health Conscious Travel Necessities That Should Always be on Your List

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, striving for a safe and easy going travel experience is what every individual and family strives before. Here we have some essential checklist items to make sure that experience is exactly that!

The process of travelling is usually not the highlight of ones trip. Whether you travel by plane, bus, or even train, long hours of sitting down and going through security makes the experience not so ideal. That is why it is important to avoid any other hiccups that could make your traveling experience even worse. Catching a cold or a headache from the child screaming of joy or fear are some of the common occurrences while traveling. Here is a list to conquer those hiccups and so much more!

Travel List Necessities:

1). Water bottle

2). Earplugs

3). Hand wipes/sanitizer

4). Book/magazine

5). Jacket

1. Water Bottle

It is important to stay hydrated though out the day and drink water not just when you are feeling thirsty. According to studies done by Harvard Medical School, a healthy person needs 30-50 ounces of fluid a day which is equivalent to about 4-6 cups/day. If you're traveling long distances, buying and stopping for water is not only expensive but inconvenient.

Specifically, traveling by plane omits you from bringing liquids through security. Most airports have water fountains through out the area where you can easily fill up. A water bottle would allow you stay hydrated through out the boarding process and flight without hassling the flight attendants :).

Now we can mostly all agree that plastic water bottles are not safe for the environment which is why great companies such as Just Water and Hydro Flask have made alternative forms for staying hydrated while saving the planet. Although Just Water bottles are not made to be long-term reusable, their bottles are 100% recyclable and emit less carbon gas emissions during delivery. Hydro Flask is a great long-term solution that lets you keep your water at an ideal temperature and can be cleaned regularly.

2. Earplugs

As I mentioned earlier, any mode of transportation can be noisy. Although some may prefer the chaos, most prefer a little piece of quiet. A quiet environment can also perceive a sense of personal space in a seemingly crowded one. If you want to catch up on needed sleep, work. or a great new book, a quiet environment will be extremely helpful.

Earplugs are a great way to help create a more quiet environment. There are 2 popular types of earplugs, over the head ear muffs and earbuds. Inno Royal's earplugs consist of the earbud style and come in 2 different styles for noise reduction preference. The earplugs also come with a small traveling case that fits on your keychain for easy carry. Check out this blog post to find out other benefits of using earplugs.

Besides peace and quiet, wearing earplugs can also help with the pain that may come specifically with flying. Some people use tricks such as chewing gum during take off and landing to help with ear popping. Earplugs is another great alternative without the sugar!

3. Hand Wipes/Sanitizer

Before Coronavirus became the forefront of people's minds all around the world especially during short and long distance traveling, using disinfectant has always been a good idea. Gems can spread airborne which is why WebMD and AARP have both suggested getting a flu shot especially during flu season. However, you can help kill germs on services by using wipes and sanitizer before eating or touching personal belongings.

4. Book/Magazine

Besides having a healthy body, it's equally important to practice having a healthy mind. Travel forces you to sit in the same place for a period of time which gives you a great opportunity to learn. Whether it's a physical book, magazine, or Kindle, reading can be a beneficial activity. For some creative readers, reading takes them out of their boring predicament and into the "world of the book".

5. Jacket

Although it may seem like such a simplistic item, you would be surprised how many times people forget this item in their everyday life and regret it. Every business, home, or city has a different temperature. We all know being in a constant state of too cold or too hot can be very uncomfortable.

People who tend to "run hot" may omit this last item on the list, but having a jacket may come in handy when on the airplane when the air is blasting in your face or the bus where you just happen to be right by the vent.

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