-Kirstin S., New York

"When I first received this package, I was immediately drawn to the aesthetic of its packaging. I love the durability and size of the case holder for this product. I first tried these ear plugs when sleeping in the same room as a family member who tends to snore loudly. As a light sleeper, I've tried many different products to try and block out sounds as such. This was the first product that really worked! Definitely worth the purchase, and would suggest them to anyone who has similar concerns".

Megann J., Los Angeles

Now that I work remotely from home, I needed more focus now than ever and that's exactly what I got with these earplugs! I appreciate them sending two pairs for comfort fitting. Love these!

-Jasmine Washington, Kansas City

"These earplugs came super fast. The packaging is amazing and really secure. I like that two different sizes came with the product and a nice storage canister. I can put the canister on my keychain so that I don’t lose it. The canister seems secure and sturdy. The ear plugs give a nice seal and the material is flexible enough that they don’t hurt my ears. I can move and shack my head without worry about them falling out. Easy grip handle for convenient removal from ear".


Very happy to have bought these, I got put onto them by a musician who also road bikes. They remove so much wind and engine noise, while still allowing me to hear sirens which is essential when riding around in a city these days! Highly recommend.

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